Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:42


Total team included 31 participants as follows:
One project leader, three Belize Educators from the Vocational Training Team that visited RD 5370 and Red Deer in June 2011 (jointly funded by Rotary District 5370 and Rotary Club of Red Deer) , 7 Teachers for Learning Coaches, 5 teachers for Principal Training and New Teacher professional, 2 teachers for curriculum development, one music and literacy teacher, one reporting, media and communications non educator.  In partnership with the BLP Rotary District 5370   there were nine members of the Literacy Alive! Future Vision Global project (Rotary Club of Red Deer) including four literacy teacher experts and four community leadership/project management  leaders who worked in the Cayo district. 

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:35

The District 5370 Conference at the River Cree Resort in Edmonton October 28, 29, 2011 was a huge success as the Belize Literacy Program was highlighted throughout the weekend and in the PETS1 training and Assembly which took place on Thursday...thanks to many who pitched in and helped. (Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone here)

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:26

Friday July 29, 2011.
I arrived in Belize City Thursday night, after a long flight and a hectic few days in Canada. I greatly welcomed the sunshine, warmth and smiles from Belizeans that greeted me as I stepped off the plane!

In the morning, after a nice breakfast overlooking the ocean and the sunrise, I met with Mr. Nelson Longsworth at the ME office in Belize City. We jumped right into action! He had a plan in mind, a template for the week to follow, and the curriculum documents coming hot off the press for the teachers, principals and curriculum officers that we would be working with the following week! We also went over, to review, the curriculum piloting guide for the schools, the workbook that I had drafted for the science facilitation, and how Brenda and I would work together to facilitate the workshop with Nelson. When I left the meeting at noon we were ready to go and I was super excited for Brenda to arrive so I could share the plan!

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:23

As always, it was a pleasure to be with Rotary District 5370 and the Belize Rotary Clubs in March 2011.   I feel honoured to be asked to continue the hard work of many Rotarians and educators  in Belize.   My primary focus was to collaboratively work with the Belize Education Curriculum Development team and our Rotary team of educators – Sandra, Evelaine, and Courtney on  completion of the mathematics curriculum, developing an math implementation plan for September 2011, as well as, supporting Courtney in her work on the science curriculum.  

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:23

We're back and boy was it an amazing experience to so intimately see, work with, and live in (albeit for a short time) Belize! Gord and I arrived on Friday March 18 ready for action and we sure did get some.  Our experiences started with meeting everyone and jumping right into planning the week's activities. Saturday Gord and I headed to Altun Ha Mayan temple to begin to develop an understanding of some of the Mayan culture and learn from our very experienced and well educated tour guide. This was pertinent information for me on several levels; one, it was important for me to understand some of the history of Belize from one of the first known cultures and how this might be relevant to the science curriculum development work I was tasked with.

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:23

Greetings from Belize! We have just finished a week filled with rich conversations, school visits, and involvement in planning meetings which provided us with more clarity and a deeper understanding of the education system in Belize.

Most of our week involved participation in working meetings regarding the revision and finalization of the math and science curriculum. Four of us (Courtney, Brenda, Evelaine, and Sandra) first met with Nelson Longsworth, Ministry of Education in Belize on the Monday to review editing that had been done by the Belizean cohort group to both curriculums over the last number of months.  Discussion continued around possibilities for teacher professional development once the curriculum is ready to be piloted with schools. Plans were made to meet with the cohort group on Thursday to share ideas and plan next steps.

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:22

Meeting with our Rotarian partners Eve Aird, Sheree and Aki Fukai from San Ignacio Rotary Club. We mapped out a busy agenda for our team who is here for the week to assist in the development of a three year implementation plan for the District 5370 Belize Bleize Literacy Program. Met also with Nelson from QUADS who will coordinate team to complete mathematics and science curriculum. Great start. Waiting now for rest of team to arrive...

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:21

Meet our team traveling to Belize in March and follow their progress:

Jackie Hobal - DG D5370
3 year implementation plan for 4 project goals

Lynne Paradis - D5360Red Deer Rotary, Asst. Sup. Red Deer Catholic Schools
Assist with BLP Implementation planning & Develop plans for D5360 project

Jim Madder Red Deer Rotary D5360
Ancillary projects

Courtney Hughes D5370 (teaches science at U of A)
Science curriculum development /resources and 3 year PD plan for science

Gord Hughes D5370 GSE team to Brazil - RCMP
Our body guard, policing, safety, security and ancillary projects, documentation of project

Brenda MacDonald D5370 Consultant with Red Deer Catholic. Schools
Mathematics curriculum development /resources and 3 year PD plan for science