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Belize meeting summaries


November 21, 2011
Tony Kernaghan and I were welcomed back to Belize by Rotarians Sheree and Aki Fukai.  Tony and I met in Houston Airport and traveled together to Belize...84 degrees.

November 22
Meeting with Curriculum Manager, Nelson Longsworth at QADS (Quality Assurance and Development Services) ministry office (Sheree, Aki, Tony, Jackie)

Nelson and his curriculum officers have been visiting schools to gather feedback and to support teachers piloting the new mathematics and science curriculum documents. The team is scheduling time in early May to complete development and a final draft.

Nelson will set monthly meeting dates using for the curriculum teams to discuss components of each curriculum area. The meetings will be conducted using WebEx.

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Planning and Workshop Meetings
November 22, 2011 – December 3, 2011

FINAL REPORT (compiled by Jackie Hobal)


Our overall goal for visit was to connect with our partners in Belize – Rotary Clubs and Ministry of Education and Youth to assess progress to date and further develop a plan for BLP 2011-2012 In addition, 5 full days of workshops took place for Pilot Schools and meetings with leaders from Ministry of Education (Curriculum, Professional Development, Learning and Technology, Chief Education Officer, Chief Executive Officer).  A team of Rotarians looking at Ancillary Projects were represented.


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The Canadian musician and film maker Danny Michel has contributed his talents and enthusiasm to help students from Ocean Academy learn to be musicians and song writers. He has also been responsible for more than $$30,000 which was donated to Ocean Academy by Michel's friends and fans. Visit Danny's site and see videos of Danny presenting a cheque to Ocean Academy and taking a tour of the school.

Danny has done much of his songwriting and film making in Belize and is a great fan of the country and its people.

Visit his site. Listen to his music. 

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Hello Stephen,

Warm greetings from Bullet Tree Falls, I hope that you are having a splendid Wednesday afternoon! It was truly a pleasure meeting you guys on Sunday and great knowing how interested everyone is in supporting our group K.I.S.S. (Keep Instilling a Sensible Society). After exchanging words with you guys the other day, I reported back to the group members and everyone has been so overwhelmed in knowing that we will be receiving the support from you community. As per our conversation, I will be sending couple pictures for everyone to see how the community has been working together with us in order to obtain our goals and objectives. As stated on the article on Amandala which I provided, we have been having weekly sporting events taking place at Bullet Tree Central Park in order to get funding for the fencing, placement of lights and beautification of the entire surrounding so it becomes more welcoming to everyone.

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Dear Belize Literacy November 2011 Team,

What a pleasure to have you involved in this project.  On behalf of the Rotary District 5370 Belize Literacy Committee, I thank you for your contribution and commitment to our work in Belize.

As we near the end of a funding cycle, we need to really ensure that we our work is focused on building capacity and supporting the work of Education leaders in Belize.

Thank you for providing reports and photos on your work.  Please forward any photos and documents to me that will help us plan next steps. We particularly need testimonials which describe how our work is impacting communities in Belize.

We have established the means to stay connected and encourage you to contribute.

1.  Website

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Kevin Hilgers posted a great entry on his blog about his recent work in Belize as part of our Belize Literacy Program. Visit his blog to read what he had to say about "a week or so in Belize."

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Welcome to Jahmour Lopez who is joining our Belize Literacy program team. Jahmour is currently a Manage for MOE in Belize City. Ray CimolinI from D5370 will be working with Jahmour and his team in Belize to further develop their technology and learning framework and initiatives.

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These links will provide details of resources used for Principal Professional Development as well as learning coaches.

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This site provides an overview including resources that were used in San Ignacio Literacy with Technology workshops: