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February 15, 2013 1:53 PM
To: Jackie Switzer
Subject: Newspaper Section
Now that we’ve all had a chance to hold it in our hands and click through on our browsers, it’s time to say thank you for the Community Initiatives Program’s support of the “Changing Lives Around the Globe” newspaper project. The special feature went out in last week’s Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Medicine Hat News and Lethbridge Herald, and is still available online.
Thanks to your efforts, we’ve been able to substantially raise the profile of Albertans’ work in international development. You shared stories of courage in the midst of humanitarian crisis, microfinance’s empowering potential for women in Uganda, and creative approaches to hunger and food insecurity in Afghanistan. We’ve already heard from teachers, volunteers, and NGOs interested in knowing more about ACGC and its members’ work because of the special feature. One reader told the Calgary Herald:

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Communication from Edmonton Mayfield...this club has adopted Christ the King School in Dangriga.  Team traveling in February is led by Tony Kernaghan. 


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Excerpt from correspondence to 2Learn

The report (43 MB; 66 pages) can be downloaded from here:

On behalf of the Rotary International District 5370 Belize Literacy Program, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for allowing Pete to lead workshops in Belize.  The report summarizes so well and is evidence of the high calibre of leadership, support and facilitation provided by Pete, Sandra and team.  There is no question that these experiences benefit greatly those who travel.  In addition to the 140 teacher leaders in Belize, the team from Alberta has learned so much more about 2learn.

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thanks to Sandra Gluth and Pete McKay for this report which summarizes some of our work in Belize.

The PDF of the   document is here:



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Ruth Fedorow posted in Rotary International District 5370

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Workshops were held in Belize City and Dangriga for math and science learning coaches from 60 pilot schools.  Leah Duchenski a volunteer from D5370 worked with all these leaders on coaching strategies.  here is a note from Nelson Longsworth.

The PD went reasonably well, a few issues but the overall assessment was good. Leah fought the heat and did a great job, she does know her stuff. I enjoyed the stories the teachers wrote. they were very creative and will be good examples to support science classes (getting some typed up). The teachers were very appreciative for learning how to make and use a classification key, Ms. Bradley (your sub) was very thorough. The outdoor plot study went well. Did not get around to heat transfer. (see facebook for photos)
The dates in March looks good. Will mark them in.
Here are a few pics, I have some videos as well.







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In November 2012, members of the Belize Ministry of Education, principals, and lead teachers met in each of the six districts for two days of conversations and discussions around the challenges and next steps in integrating technology to support teaching and learning in Belize. The sessions highlighted global trends and challenges from the K-12 Horizon Report, the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for students, teachers, and administrators, as well as an overview of the content from the August 2012 technology workshop for teachers.

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Hi Jackie...  I remember you commenting that the Belize work would be life changing and it did not disappoint.  I met teachers up against all odds were doing tremendous work with such a passion that sustains them.  I don't know who learned more them or me but I do know that had I visited a situation like Belize earlier in my career it would have had a tremendous impact on guiding my journey.  It was a tremendously talented team that we assembled and it was an honour to be included.

I will send the photos that I took  at the Sunrise Rotary meeting.  I have other photos but I will post them into whichever forum is decided on.  I know Joni (flickr)and you (blog) were mentioning some but I was not able to access them while there. Which do you prefer?

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Meeting with Hon Senator Joy Grant, Minister of Energy Science and Technology and Public Utilities was held in Belmopan.  In attendance were Celestino Oh, treasurer BLP and Rotarian from yellowknife (Celestino was born and educated in Belize before coming to Canada for University), Bart Mickler, San Ignacio Club, Matthew Hulse, Belmopan Club and Jackie Hobal.  Senator Grant met with us for over one hour and was most interested in our work in Belize.  Possibilities were discussed on how to remove some of the barriers experienced with integrating technology in schools. Committee will be following up with Senator Grant.