Update from Rotarian Fukai in Belize...March 27

Update from Rotarian Fukai in Belize...March 27
Fri, 03/30/2012 - 13:53

Yesterday was a very fulfilling day in Belize City.

Aki and I dropped off about 629 water filters at the District Office fulfilling part of a different grant which brings us one step further to finishing another grant

But the more exciting part was that we met with Jahmor and Gilford Dawson (Barry) and both of them reviewed the MOU and signed them so we now have them officially on board. We will see Noel, hopefully tomorrow as we wander over to Corozal and Ornage Walk delivering more filters. Once he signs (he has already reviewd it) Our team Consultants are in place.

This is a good team as they have all worked together and are great colleagues. They are scheduled to meet this Saturday with the District Office Coordinators .

Nelson has all the Math Manipulative's straightened out and he is finishing up a video where he went out on to You-tube and found demonstrations of each component and has made it into a video. I was pretty impressed.  He will give each Coordinator their Math Manipulative's and a video.  Nelson and I played with the balance scales for the longest time you would have thought that we were to kids in a candy store.  The unfortunate part is that School will be out till April 16th.

Nelson was a little disappointed that Courtney will not be able to come down until the regular PD sessions in the summer but we will have to deal with it.

Larry Johnson's kids come in on Saturday and I have got to work like crazy to make sure we are organized for them.