Summer Workshops 2011

Summer Workshops 2011
Tue, 11/01/2011 - 16:32


Total team included 31 participants as follows:
One project leader, three Belize Educators from the Vocational Training Team that visited RD 5370 and Red Deer in June 2011 (jointly funded by Rotary District 5370 and Rotary Club of Red Deer) , 7 Teachers for Learning Coaches, 5 teachers for Principal Training and New Teacher professional, 2 teachers for curriculum development, one music and literacy teacher, one reporting, media and communications non educator.  In partnership with the BLP Rotary District 5370   there were nine members of the Literacy Alive! Future Vision Global project (Rotary Club of Red Deer) including four literacy teacher experts and four community leadership/project management  leaders who worked in the Cayo district. 


Seven sites in Belize were included in the summer project:  Orange Walk, Corozal, Belize City, Stann Creek, Toledo, Cayo (two sites - Belmopan and San Ignacio). 
Four different programs operated simultaneously:  Curriculum implementation in Belize City, Technology Training in San Ignacio, Literacy Alive!  in Belmopan and San Ignacio, Learning  Coach training in all seven sites and Principal training in all seven sites.   A music specialist providing literacy learning through music provided instruction in Belmopan, San Ignacio, Belize City and Corazol.


  • 219 principals
  • 35 learning coaches
  • 68 new teachers =322 teachers
  • 48    Math/Science Pilot teachers and principals from 16 schools
  • 25   Teachers attended Technology and Learning workshop

Partners TFABB Toledo

  • 45 teachers/principals
  • 40 early childhood teachers

Literacy Alive – Red Deer

  • 43 teachers

Grand total 525


  • Summary of participants
  • Summer 2009 – 2166 (includes week two of CPD)
  • Summer 2010 - 2312 (includes week 2 of CPD and secondary teachers)
  • Summer 2011 - 525