Ross Sheppard Interact Students head for Belize

Ross Sheppard Interact Students head for Belize
Sat, 03/10/2012 - 19:50

We finally have our itinerary for the Belize trip sorted out.
We leave on Mar. 22nd to Caye Caulker. While there we will be visiting and tutoring Standard 1-V classes for their PSE’s, working on the construction of pillars for a new classroom space, running a sports camp, and working on their ongoing Mangrove rehabilitation project.
While in San Ignacio we will be spending almost all of our time at Eden Primary School in Santa Elena (sounds like the same one that the playground is slated for). We have sent money to pour the foundation to add on to their caretaker/security family’s house. When we are there we will be constructing the walls and spending some time in the classroom as well.
Principal Tharine Gabourel informed me that since they have had the family living on their grounds they have had virtually no vandalism at the school, which is a huge concern in Belize.
Hope this helps. Let’s keep in touch.
Chris Douglas
Dept. Head of Student Services
Ross Sheppard High School