Plans for future playgrounds

Plans for future playgrounds
Mon, 03/05/2012 - 16:06

From Wendy Andrews (Glenora) We would love to have some Vol-un-travelers join our playground builds! 

Two playground builds are coming up:
March 15-22     Belmopan
April 22-29    Franks Eddy  near Belize City

The Dates for the next round of playground builds for this group has not been set but will be Nov. 2012 or Feb/March of 2013.  One of the locations that has been predetermined is Punta Gorda.

John Vrolijk (Sherwood Park) Rotary will be taking his Salsbury Compositie Interact Group to Belize in March.  Larry and Patrice Johnson (Camrose Daybreak Rotary) and Camrose Daybreak Interacters will be heading to Belize early April.  we look forward to their updates and stories.