Letter from Chief Education Officer, Belize

Letter from Chief Education Officer, Belize
Wed, 03/27/2013 - 11:54

We are polishing off the final grant reports and submissions to TRF and CRCID.  Here is a note from  Christopher G. Aird Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Belize.

Dear Jackie,
The Belize Literacy Project has been invaluable to the goals of the Ministry of Education between 2008 and December 2012 when it came to an end.
The revision of the primary curriculum in Science and Mathematics and the accompanying teacher training to support the revised curricula, the leadership development of principals and education officers and the provision of IT support for classroom teachers have been a significant contribution to our efforts to improve the academic achievement of our students. The support provided in the piloting and roll out of the revised curricula through the provision of leadership and teacher training and through the provision of technology hardware and training has been a significant input. The close consultation between the bi-lateral leadership team on this project with the Ministry of Education has been useful and positive.
Lastly the provision of IT equipment to schools within the 6 original pilot schools and those schools involved in the revised Science and Mathematics curricula pilot, as well as to the District Education Centers has strengthened our capacity to implement the Science and Mathematics curricula.
On behalf of the Ministry of Education, I offer my sincere appreciation to the Rotary Clubs of District 5370, the Rotary Clubs of Belize, and to Rotary International for its support of education in Belize.
Christopher Aird, M.Ed.
Chief Education Officer
West Block, City of Belmopan Belize
Central America