Feedback from Volunteer Facilitator - changing lives

Feedback from Volunteer Facilitator - changing lives
Wed, 12/12/2012 - 04:05

Hi Jackie...  I remember you commenting that the Belize work would be life changing and it did not disappoint.  I met teachers up against all odds were doing tremendous work with such a passion that sustains them.  I don't know who learned more them or me but I do know that had I visited a situation like Belize earlier in my career it would have had a tremendous impact on guiding my journey.  It was a tremendously talented team that we assembled and it was an honour to be included.

I will send the photos that I took  at the Sunrise Rotary meeting.  I have other photos but I will post them into whichever forum is decided on.  I know Joni (flickr)and you (blog) were mentioning some but I was not able to access them while there. Which do you prefer?

Follow up
Mrs Gamboa was very interested in using webinars in her work. She scared Patrick and me a bit the first day as she looked like a deer in the headlights and we thought she was going to bolt when we began to plan for Carozal but she really pulled through and became star on our team.  We discussed the potential for developing some webinar supported work.  I don't want to overstep my bounds with you or with the Belize Ed system so I will pass my ideas below,and ask for your advice

1. I think the best place to start is with the Literacy leads (Mrs Gamboa and others in that role across the zones) in networking them together to develop a coherent plan for their professional learning.  This could focus on creating some consistency in strategies and approaches for use across their zones.

2. December 2012 - I will create an open webinar room and coach Mrs G in the basic uses of the platform so that she is familiar with the tools and approaches that are available. I will also ask her to network with the other Curriculum Leads and solicit their Participation. I will also ask them to have an agreed upon topic area that they would like to explore as their  first webinar series.  I will also ask them to schedule a consistent time (1 hr) for 3-4 sessions in March/April.

3. Patrick is interested in working in webinars so he has volunteered to develop and deliver the sessions. We will work together after I return from Hawaii and prepare the sessions.

4.  We will deliver and review the series and see where it goes from there.