Camrose Daybreak Interacters go to work in Belize

Camrose Daybreak Interacters go to work in Belize
Tue, 03/06/2012 - 14:03

Excerpt from Sheree Kukai, San Ignacio Rotary

Cornerstone is an NGO see link
I still am in setting this up because it is Easter Break we are having trouble getting kids - but it will be Primary age children. I would say 7 - 12 age range.

It will probably run from 9- 3  ( if we do that we will need to feed children )

The sports day which is when the group will switch - one day sports one day arts.  Will be at St. Barnabas.  (we will have to figure lunch for these kids too)

I can buy blackboard paint and you will be doing the blackboards at St. Hilda's.

I spoke with Eve the Principal at Sacred Heart and she is working on Interact Club we can fit this in schedule when we do filter - I have to work on this too as most filters are already done but I have presentation and will have kids do something.  

- What kids could bring.

coy paper for copiers
erasers for blackboards
story books Primary age level
color paper 
wide tape (we do not have many laminating machines and teachers use a lot of tape